Agent Adventures

We live a world where people are becoming more and more tribal. They want to work with and associate with people they already know. This growing attitude is both an opportunity and a challenge for sales people. You need to be able to join more tribes more quickly than ever. To that end, Stone Hill offers “agent adventures.” These are fun experiences like skeet shooting, hiking to waterfalls, movies, golf, fly fishing, pickleball, and so on where you interact and become friends with carrier representatives, other Medicare agents, and even people who refer business like Certified Financial Planners, accountants, physicians, P&C agents, and so on. If you spend enjoyable time together you are more likely to work together after that. Stone Hill also sponsors Lift Advocacy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Medicare beneficiaries and agers-in understand Medicare without feeling any pressure to enroll in anything. Lift Advocacy also sponsors activities, ones that bring agents and agers-in together.

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