Backoffice Support

Most of the agents who work with Stone Hill own their own businesses, so we specialize in helping business owners. This means that we can help you in all sorts of ways. We can advise you on software to use, how to create marketing plans, and are willing to discuss anything else based on our experience. The marketing ideas that we come up with during our conversations belong to you; we will not share them with anyone else.


Contact Us:

Doug Draper 801-428-1509
LTC Manager
David Oberle 801-428-1574
Agent Services/Contracting
Brady Bigler 801-428-1558
Social Media and Outreach
Terri Freeman 801-428-1519
Agent Development
Nancy Harris 801-428-1515
Regional Manager, Southern Utah and Nevada
Bob Harnois 801-428-1580
David Oberle 801-428-1574
Spence Hebdon 801-502-3339
Annuity Help Desk
Brad Neves         801-428-1578