Announcing New MSA -

Now in 17 States for 2019

An MSA plan is a Medicare Medical Savings Account plan, an uncommon type of Medicare-Advantage plan. One may be coming to your state.

Your familiarity with MSA’s has probably been limited to a question or two on your an annual AHIP test. Well, that is all about to change.

Although you cannot talk to Medicare beneficiaries about the details of the plan until 1 Oct 2018, here are the details ... just for you agents.

Plan Details

The MSA is being offered by a new insurance company called Lasso Healthcare, domiciled in Texas. Lasso’s status of being a new company gives it a competitive edge over established insurance carriers because Lasso has no traditional MA plans to cannibalize—this simple fact turns out to be a big deal.

The Lasso MSA will be available in the following states in 2019:

Arkasas Arizona Delaware Hawaii Illinois Indiana Kanasas Montana
Missouri North Dakota Pennsylvania South Dakota Texas Utah Virginia Wyoming

If the plan rollout goes well in 2019, Lasso plans to offer the plan in additional states in 2020, so there may be a longer-lasting opportunity for you.

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