Senior Department

Stone Hill’s Senior Department wants to help you either streamline or grow your business. If you are making the income you want, we can help you streamline your office procedures. If you need more income, we can help you figure out how to get there from here.

To those ends, we offer four types of service, the ones indicated by the blue buttons to the left:

  • Contracting services that empower you to represent various insurance carriers and lines of business
  • Integrated product lines for the Baby-Boomer Generation and up
  • Agent services that answer regulatory questions, commission questions, and so on
  • Agent-development services to help you identify and implement those changes that will

Contact Us:

Doug Draper 801-428-1509
LTC Manager
David Oberle 801-428-1574
Agent Services/Contracting
Sarah Limb 801-428-1557
Social Media and Outreach
Terri Freeman 801-428-1519
Agent Development
Nancy Harris 801-428-1515
Regional Manager, Southern Utah and Nevada
Bob Harnois 801-428-1580
David Oberle 801-428-1574
Spence Hebdon 801-502-3339
Annuity Help Desk
Brad Neves         801-428-1578

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