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Stone Hill believes that the changing marketplace demands a new approach to marketing, a new way to perceive the market, a way to think differently about your prospects and clients, a way to set yourself apart from other agents, especially online agents.

A productive way to change how you look at your business is to change your target market. If you have considered the Senior market to be yours in the past, it is time to reconsider. Studies show that people 65 and older do not like to be referred to as “seniors.” It is time to change from thinking about senior to thinking about Baby-Boomers. They are your opportunity until 2029. By believing that your market includes anyone born between 1946 and 1964, you start to see new possibilities. You will find marketing opportunities that are less regulated. You find new products to offer. You find that new marketing plans come to mind. You also find that you have more time to develop the trust that will facilitate enrolling your clients in Medicare plans.

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