Agent Services

Insurance agents are Stone Hill's clients—not our competitors, employees, solicitors, or subordinates. Significantly, our agents do not pay us a dime. The insurance carriers and plan sponsors pay us to help you take care of your business. This means that our job is to help you, to consult with you, to trouble-shoot where we can. By the way, we distinguish agent services from agent development, which is to enable you to do what you cannot currently do.

Our services entail the following activities:

  • Providing appointment and other contracting services
  • Troubleshooting enrollment and commission issues on your behalf
  • Offering individualized or group guidance to prepare you for annual certifications
  • Advising you about government regulations and carrier policies
  • Supporting your enrollment endeavors
  • Helping you develop into the best salesperson you can be
  • Handling the personalities of the various insurance carriers

Contact us. Often, we can help.

Contact Us:

Agent Services
Sarah Limb 801-428-1557
David Oberle (LTC) 801-428-1574
Doug Draper 801-428-1509
Nancy Harris 801-428-1515
Bob Harnois 801-428-1580
Spence Hebdon 801-502-3339


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