Our Mission

Stone Hill Health and Ancillary Department represents several health and ancillary (Dental, Life, Vision, Accident, Critical Illness, Cancer, STD, and LTD)  insurance companies to find available products for agents to present to their clients.

We provide a total benefits package with side by side plan comparisons, knowlegable product information, carrier contracting, training, in-house sales support, referral options, assistance on service and renewals, and agents are 100% vested in commissions (referrals vary).

Contact Us:

Department Manager/Resolutions
David Oberle 801-428-1574
Group Health
Tierney Turner 801-428-1521
Individual Health/Dental
Darci Allen 801-428-1531
Savanah Andersen 801-428-1511
Group Ancillary
Amy Roberts 801-428-1528
Health Licensing/Commissions
Ella Eldredge 801-428-1529
Group Referrals/Sales Assistance
Janeen Petersen 801-455-4899
Individual (ACA) Referrals
Jacob Fredrickson 801-428-1571

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