Reasons to Seriously Consider the Lasso MSA Opportunity

  • To validate the opportunity based on plan type, see
  • Govt entrusts your client with literally thousands of dollars at the beginning of 2020 to spend on their health care
    • The purpose is to build a nest egg to use when they do get sick down the road
  • High-Deductible Medicare-Advantage plan
  • $0 premium by federal law
  • No provider network by federal law
  • Available in every county in your state
  • Hospital Indemnity Plan available to cover the Member Responsibility
  • Full Medicare-Advantage commissions ($510/255 for 20202 in most states)
  • Possible buying segments:
    • Beneficiaries who have had HSA’s
    • Beneficiaries who travel
    • Beneficiaries who have well-managed chronic conditions (no more than 2)
    • Beneficiaries who eat well and exercise
    • Those paying too much for Medicare coverage
    • Rural counties
  • Not buying segments
    • People with bad health
    • People who know they will go to the hospital or have procedures done in 2020


Getting Started

Step 1 - Download and fill out Lasso contract below:

Step 2 - Find a copy of your AHIP Certificate

Step 3 - Return completed Lasso paperwork and a copy of your AHIP certificate to

Contact Brady with any questions at 801-428-1558