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Stone Hill National represents the top independent life insurance carriers in the business, and will assist each agent in getting appointed to sell their products.

We provide quoting and case design from simple to complex cases and manage them from start to finish. Whether it's final expense, term insurance, permanent or large premium financing cases, we have you covered. We have a vast knowledge of carrier underwriting, product and processing intel. This will help you to become a pro in matching your client with the best carrier for their unique situations.

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Life Q&A

FAQ section

Contracting and Appointments

How do I get appointed?
Depending on the carrier and state, most appointments are completed as "just in time" appointments, this means the agent will be appointed simultaneously with the first piece of business. *PA is a pre appointment state for all carriers, please contact our contracting dept for a full list of pre appointment states prior to taking an application as these are subject to change per carrier and state guidelines.
Is Stone Hill licensed to process individual life insurance business in all 50 states?
With exception to New York, Stone Hill is licensed in all other states for individual life.

FAQ section

New Business

How soon can I expect my requested life quote?
Quote requests received with all necessary information, will be processed and returned the same day if submitted by 3pm standard MT time. Quote requests received after 3pm will be returned the following day if not sooner. You can also access any of our quoting softwares through the links above for instant quotes!
How long will it take to receive responses back for underwriting and risk assessments?
Because we send these assessments directly to our carrier underwriters, responses can vary from 3 days to one week. We usually have the majority of responses back within 7 days depending on the carrier underwriter's work load.
How long does it take from application submission to policy placement?
Most carriers have accelerated underwriting options and programs. Depending on the client's history, the product and amount of coverage, underwriting can be as short as one to two weeks and can be as long as 60 days. Completing exams and obtaining medical records are often the cause of the longer underwriting times.

FAQ section


Can Stone Hill help me with servicing (e.g. policy cancellations, address, billing, beneficiary changes etc.)?
Yes! We can help you with all aspects of your business, from new business, servicing existing policies and surrendering a policy.

Head of

Life Operations

 Jamie Phelps

Phone: 801-428-1523

New Business/


Lexie Springer

Phone: 801-428-1524



Jamie Phelps

Phone: 801-428-1523


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