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Your paycheck makes your financial plans possible, and Disability can help protect those plans.  Disability replaces a portion of your paycheck when an income-interrupting illness or injury prevents you from working.  You can use the monthly Disability benefit for essential expenses like your mortgage, utilities, groceries, and premiums for other insurance coverage.


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Disability Q&A

Stone Hill and BUA
Stone Hill has partnered with BUA to provide the best access to DI carriers and products. Their extensive back office sales and service team is there to help you with all your DI quotes and case designs. As always, Stone Hill and BUA will pay you 100% of the agent commission.
Is there someone I can just talk to about a quote?
Yes! Howard Klebanow, Disability Income Sales Director at BUA is wealth of knowledge and is standing by to help you with any DI needs you may have. Phone - 330.576.1105 Email - howardk@buaweb.com
How do I get a quote?
Simply click on the Navigation buttons on the left of this page for an Individual or Group DI quote.
Is there someone who can help me present a DI solution to my client?
Yes. Greg Nelson is an agent and DI pro that would be happy to help you make an informed DI presentation with you to your clients. Let him know you are interested by emailing him at disability@stonehill.net

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Howard Klebanow

Phone: 303-576-1105



Lexie Springer

Phone: 801-428-1524

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