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Stone Hill’s Senior Department wants to help you either streamline or grow your business. If you are making the income you want, we can help you streamline your office procedures. If you need more income, we can help you figure out how to get there from here.

To those ends, we offer four types of service, the ones indicated by the purple navigation buttons to the left:

  • Contracting services that empower you to represent various insurance carriers and lines of business
  • Integrated product lines for the Baby-Boomer Generation and up
  • Agent services that answer regulatory questions, commission questions, and so on
  • Agent-development services to help you identify and implement those changes that will.


FAQ section

Senior/Medicare Q&A

Is anything new happening in Medicare in 2022?
Yes, lots of new things are happening. Medicare now regulates all marketing materials and all marketing activities. In practice, this means that not only branded marketing materials but generic materials will be registered with either CMS or a carrier and CMS. This affects you in many ways, but there are at least 2 things new that you will want to seriously consider doing this year: (1) You will want to be sure that every piece of marketing material exhibits an SMID (Standardized Material IDentification). This means that the marketing piece has been registered with CMS. Unregistered marketing pieces, which are now identified by both content and intent, will be pursued by carriers on behalf of CMS. The distributor of unregistered marketing pieces will wind up dealing with compliance risk. (2) CMS is now monitoring the "chain of enrollment": marketing materials, lead generating activities, sales presentations, and enrollments forms in addition to the permissions to contact and scopes of appointment. In other words, you will want to consider recording information from each of your sales about the chain of enrollment, in particular, the original source of the lead: marketing piece or marketing activity.
Where can I find a list of the federal government's special election periods for Medicare:
What Senior product lines can I offer with the help of Stone Hill?
We can help you offer Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplements, ancillary health like hospital indemnity, long-term care, and fixed annuities.
What if I want to sell my Medicare book of business and retire?
We can share with you what we have learned and even make you an offer. Talk to us. No pressure.

Head of Senior Operations

Doug Draper

Phone: 801-428-1509:

Agent Services

Morgan Jensen

Phone: 801-428-1534

Agent Referrals

Brady Bigler

Phone: 801-428-1534:

LTC Quotes

David Oberle

Phone: 801-428-1574

Agent Development

Nancy Harris

Phone: 801-428-1515

Agent Development

Terri Freeman

Phone: 801-428-1519

Regional Manager

Southern Utah & Nevada

Bob Harnois

Phone: 801-309-8655

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