Agent Development

Stone Hill believes that in order for agents to succeed in the current environment, they need to be thinking about how the senior market is evolving: the mindset of seniors is changing; the marketing channels are changing; federal and state regulations are changing; the uplines are consolidating; and call centers are facing headwinds. This is all happening even as society’s response to COVID continues to stumble. We want to help you make sense of it all.

Head of Senior Operations

Doug Draper

Phone: 801-428-1509:

Agent Services

Morgan Jensen

Phone: 801-428-1534

Agent Referrals

Brady Bigler

Phone: 801-428-1534:

LTC Quotes

David Oberle

Phone: 801-428-1574

Agent Development

Nancy Harris

Phone: 801-428-1515

Agent Development

Terri Freeman

Phone: 801-428-1519

Regional Manager

Southern Utah & Nevada

Bob Harnois

Phone: 801-309-8655

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