We are often asked if there is anyone at Stone Hill who can assist with referral business. "Is there someone at Stone Hill who will treat my clients with integrity and ensure that their needs are met while maintaining the perception that I (the referring agent) remain the primary contact and agent?" "Is there someone who will report back to me the results of the referral?"

The answer is yes!

At Stone Hill, our licensed and professional staff members have over 60 years of combined experience and can help by writing the business and providing you with referral compensation. This service frees you to continue to concentrate on your core business while still providing your clientele with additional value, whatever their insurance needs may be.


Head of Senior Operations

Doug Draper

Phone: 801-428-1509:

Agent Services

Morgan Jensen

Phone: 801-428-1534

Agent Referrals

Brady Bigler

Phone: 801-428-1534:

LTC Quotes

David Oberle

Phone: 801-428-1574

Agent Development

Nancy Harris

Phone: 801-428-1515

Agent Development

Terri Freeman

Phone: 801-428-1519

Regional Manager

Southern Utah & Nevada

Bob Harnois

Phone: 801-309-8655

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