Agent Services

  • Consulting on laws and regulations
    • Review of marketing materials if carrier review is not needed
  • Consulting and/or Problem-solving on Compensation/Commissions
  • Consulting on Lesser-Known Products: MSA, D-SNP, C-SNP, I-SNP
  • Consulting during Annual Certifications
  • Consulting on Marketing/Sales Strategies (the ideas belong to you and we do not share)
  • Paper supplies
  • Contact information for carriers and other critical industry players
  • Back-office support: software consulting, operations consulting
  • Setting up your own general agency by recruiting downline agents
  • Succession planning: What do you do when you are ready to retire?


Head of Senior Operations

Doug Draper

Phone: 801-428-1509:

Agent Services

Morgan Jensen

Phone: 801-428-1534

Agent Referrals

Brady Bigler

Phone: 801-428-1534:

LTC Quotes

David Oberle

Phone: 801-428-1574

Agent Development

Nancy Harris

Phone: 801-428-1515

Agent Development

Terri Freeman

Phone: 801-428-1519

Regional Manager

Southern Utah & Nevada

Bob Harnois

Phone: 801-309-8655

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