Stone Hill's Secure File Delivery System

Stone Hill National believes any private information (from you to us or from us to you) should be transferred to you in a secure manner.  To facilitate this secure file delivery we have instituted a new system which will transfer any PHI/PII information to you in a secure environment.

Transferring information from us to you:

You will continue to recieve important email information from us about cases, commissions, etc.  The email may look a little different coming from the secure platform, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the email
  2. Click on the blue hyperlink to be transferred to the secure environment
  3. Type in your email address (same one we used to send the email to), this serves as authentication
  4. Review the message and/or download the attached file

Transferring information from you to us:

Policy, Commission/ACH, Submissions and other client documents that contain PHI/PII information should be tranferred to us over our secure platform as follows:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Secure Upload
  3. Type in the email address of the Stone Hill team member you would like to transfer the file(s) to, Click Start button
  4. Fill in the information just as you would as a new email message
  5. Click Select files to send (Regular Upload) button 
  6. Click Choose File buttons to attach the files you would like to transfer
  7. Click Upload & Send button

As always, should you need any assistance please feel free to contact us at (801) 363-1215 or toll free at (800) 748-4428.


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