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     257 E 200 S, Suite 750
     Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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     Monday - Thursday (8:30am - 5:00pm MT)
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Health Department

Group Benefits

Group Quotes/New Business
David Oberle 801-428-1521
Amy Roberts 801-428-1528
All Group Servicing
Stephanie Jenson 801-428-1511

Individual Benefits

All Business/Quotes/Servicing
Savanah Anderson 801-428-1529

Senior & Medicare Products

Head of Senior Operations
Doug Draper 801-428-1509
Long Term Care Quotes
David Oberle 801-428-1574
Agent Referrals
Brady Bigler 801-428-1534
Agent Development
Nancy Harris 801-428-1515
Terri Freeman 801-428-1519
Agent Services
Morgan Gustafson 801-428-1534
Regional Manager, Southern Utah and Nevada
Bob Harnois 801-390-8655

Life Department

Head of Life Operations
Jamie Phelps 801-428-1523
New Business/Quotes
Lexi Springer 801-428-1524
Jamie Phelps 801-428-1523


Accounting, Commissions, Contracting

Sara Jones 801-428-1530
Julia Della Corte 801-428-1544
Lexi Springer 801-428-1524

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