Cannabis and Life Insurance: How it affects your clients

As more states move to legalize cannabis, both medicinal and recreational, you can learn more about how this may affect your client’s rates when applying for life insurance.

A Glossary of Terms for the Senior/Medicare Market (Ongoing Construction)

This glossary is for Medicare agents and Medicare beneficiaries who want to understand the jargon being tossed around by people in the Medicare system: government bodies, government employees, insurance companies, online-call-and-enrollment centers, advocacy groups, insurance agents, and advisers. The glossary is intended to give you enough information that you can search online and know if you are looking at useful literature.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

A Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance, sometimes known as a “No Questions Life Insurance” may be a good alternative for your clients who have multiple health concerns. Learn about all the pros and cons of these whole life products.

Long & Short Term Disability

The average disability claim lasts almost three years. Yet, half of all working Americans couldn’t go one month without a paycheck before financial difficulties begin. Help your client’s protect their income in the event of a disability.

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